International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Past Symposia 2008

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India
25 January 2008

Dr. Amitabha Chattopadhyay
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
Uppal Road,
Hyderabad 500007, India
Fax: +91 40 2716 0311
Phone: +91 40 27192578
E-mail: amit[at]ccmb.res[dot]in

Second International Forum on Biosecurity

Budapest, Hungary
February 2008

Jo L. Husbands
Development, Security & Cooperation
The National Academies
500 Fifth Street
NW, Keck Building
Washington DC USA
Phone: +1 202 334 2816
e-mail: jhusband[at]nas[dot]edu

Monkey Valley Resort Noordhoek
9-14 March 2008

Prof. Frank Brombacher   
University of Cape Town
Institute of Infectious Disease & Molecular Medicine
Health Science Faculty
Cape Town, South Africa
Fax:+27 21 4066029
Phone: +27 21 4066 424
e-mail: fbrombac[at][dot]za

Double Tree Hotek, Santa Barbara California
12-15 March 2008

Enrique Cadenas and Lester Packer
Pharmacology and Parmaceutical Sciences
School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California
1985 Zonal Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90089, USA
Fax: +1 323-224 7473
e-mail: cadenas[at]usc[dot]edu and packer[at]usc[dot]edu 

Saariselka, Finland (in the arctic Lapland)
12 - 15 March 2008

Prof. K. Hedman, M.D
Department of Virology
University of Helsinki
Haartmaninkatu 3
FI-00290, Helsinki, Finland
e-mail: escv2008[at]congrex[dot]fi

40th Course: From Molecules to Medicines: Integrating Crystallography in Drug Discovery

Centro di Cultura Scientifica E Majorana, Erice, Italy
29 May
8 June 2008

Prof. Lodovico Riva di Sanseverino
Department of Geo-Environmental Sciences
Piazza Porta San Donato 1
40126 Bologna, Italy
E-mail: lodovico.riva[at]unibo[dot]it

University of Bari, Italy
26 June 2008

Prof. Sergio Papa
Department of Biochemistry, Biology and Physics
University of Bari
E-mail: papabchm[at]cimedoc.uniba[dot]it

Lipids as Regulators of Cell Function

Korgialenios School/Lefka Palace Hotel; Spetses, Greece
27 June 2008

Prof. Karel W.A Wirtz
Utrecht University
Bijvoet Centre for Biomolecular Research
Department of Membrane Enzymology
Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht
The Netherlands
E-mail: k.w.a.wirtz[at]chem.uu[dot]nl

Palais du Grand Large, St Malo, France
2 - 5 July 2008

Prof. Susan M. Miller
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of California
16th St., UCSF MC
San Francisco, CA 94 1582517, USA
e-mail: TinE2008[at]icsn.cnrs-gif[dot]fr

Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2 Ireland
24 July 2008

Dr. Richard K Porter
School of Biochemistry & Immunology
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin 2 Ireland
E-mail: rkporter[at]tcd[dot]ie

University of Aarhus and Helnan Marselis Hotel, Aarhus, Denmark
9 August 2008

Prof. Jens Peter Andersen
Department of Physiology
Institute of Physiology and Biophysics
Ole Worms Alle 1160
University of Aarhus
DK-8000 Aarhus, Denmark
E-mail: jpa[at][dot]dk

Aula Academica, Ghent University Ghent Belgium
30 August
3 September 2008

Dr. Marcelle Holsters, Dr. Sofie Goormachtig
Department Plant Systems Biology, VIB
Ghent University
Technologiepark 927
Ghent Belgium
e-mail: adminnfix2008[at]psb.ugent[dot]be

Georgia Centre for Continuing Education, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA
31 October 2008

Prof. Robert Phillips
Department of Chemistry
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602-2556 USA
E-mail: rsphillips[at]chem.uga[dot]edu

Symposium on Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Cordoba, Argentina
16 - 28 November 2008

Dr. Nestor Carrillo
Faculty of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Rosario
IBR - Auipacha 531
S2002LRK Rosario
Santa Fe, Argentina
Fax: +54 341 439065
e-mail: carrillo[at][dot]ar